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Atlas RIV916B Power Tool

The Atlas RIV916B Spin-Pull installation tool is a pistol grip tool with a remote booster unit attached. It is a heavy duty tool used to install large thread size rivet nuts. It has a pull force of 18,000 pounds. The Spin-Pull action uses a small air motor to place the rivet nut on the mandrel. The rivet nut is then inserted into the mating hole and the trigger is pulled. The tool will axially pull the mandrel back to a pre-adjusted distance, upsetting the rivet nut. The air motor then engages in reverse to disengage and complete the installation. The tool handle weighs 5.9 pounds and has a maximum axial pulling load of 18,000 pounds at 100 PSI air pressure and has a cylinder stroke of 0.04 to 0.59 inches. The total weight is 79.2 pounds. The metric version handle weighs 2.7 kilograms, has a maximum axial pulling load of 80kN at 6 BAR and has a cylinder stroke of 1 to 15 mm. The total weight is 36 kg. The thread size capability of the RIV916B installation tool is as follows:

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