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Atlas RIV949 Vertical Power Tool

The Atlas RIV949 is a Pull-to-Pressure or a Pull-to-Stroke pneumatic/hydraulic installation tool that is hung vertically on a balancer for vertical applications. The RIV942 tool installs rivet nuts, using two different systems of regulation, Pull-to-Pressure or Pull-to-Stroke. The Pull-to-Pressure regulation system is similar to the Spin-Pull tool but with the addition of a pressure transducer that will sense the correct fastener installation and complete the installation cycle. These tools can install rivet nuts across the full grip range quickly and consistently. A single stage trigger controls the complete installation sequence and an automatic timed reverse spin and stop feature insures maximum installation speed. A pressure-controlled setting allows the installation of the same rivet nut into various material thicknesses without any adjustment to the tool. The RIV942 tool also can install the rivet nut by pull to stroke distance control. The Spin-to-Stroke regulation system uses a small air motor to place the rivet nut on the mandrel. The rivet nut is then inserted into the mating hole and the trigger is pulled. The tool will axially pull the mandrel back to a pre-adjusted distance, upsetting the rivet nut. The air motor then engages in reverse to disengage and complete the installation. The unified thread version of the tool weighs 4.41 pounds, has a maximum axial pulling load of 4,721 pounds at 90 PSI air pressure and has a maximum stroke of 0.256 inches. The metric version weighs 20 kilograms, has a maximum axial pulling load of 21kN at 6 BAR and has a maximum stroke of 6.5 mm. The thread size capability of the RIV949 installation tool is as follows:

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