Product Offering

Sherex SSG Spin-Spin Power Tools

The Sherex SSG pneumatic Spin-Spin rivet nut installation tools are designed for installing thin wall rivet nuts such as the CAL, CAK, CAH, CAO, CFT/CAT, CFW/CAW and CPB series of rivet nuts. The SSG type tools have a quick change nose piece for head set replacement without tools. They are offered in three versions: The SSG 800 is a Pistol Grip version, the SSG 900 is an Inline version and the SSG 910 is a right angle version for difficult to access applications. The SSG 800 series weighs 3.0 pounds (4.0 pounds for the 1/2-13, 1/2-20 and M12 sizes). The SSG 900 series weighs 2.0 pounds and the SSG 910 weighs 2.3 pounds. Thread size capabilities of the SSG Spin-Spin rivet nut installation tools are as follows:

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