Product Offering

Atlas Spin-Spin Power Tools

The Atlas Series 800 and Series 900 pneumatic Spin-Spin rivet nut, installation tools are designed for installing SpinTite® thin wall, rivet nuts such as the AEL, AEK, AEH, AEO, and the Pre-Bulbed Plus+Tite® series of rivet nuts. The Spin-Spin tools works by running the mandrel into the rivet nut until the motor stalls. The rpm of the tool needs to be set to the size of the insert. The Spin-Spin type tools have a quick change nose piece for head set replacement without tools. They are offered in three versions. The Series 800 is a Pistol Grip version. The Series 901, 902, 903 and 904 are Inline versions and the Series 911, 912 and 913 are Right Angle versions for difficult to access applications. Thread size capabilities of the Spin-Spin rivet nut installation tools are as follows:

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